Confessing the Faith (eBook edition)


Confessing the Faith (eBook edition)
The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith for the 21st Century

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Confessing The Faith
The 1689 Baptist Confession
For the 21st Century

Edited by Stan Reeves
©2012 Founders Press
ISBN: 978-0-984-9498-5-4 (print edition)
ISBN: 978-0-984-9498-6-1 (ePub)
60 pages

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The truths that this confession promoted fell out of favor for much of the twentieth century, but in the last fifty years there has been a great recovery of gospel truth among Evangelicals and once again there are those deeply committed to the doctrines of this confession. The English language, however, has changed over time, and just as there are phrases in the Authorized Version (1611), also known as the King James Version, that are no longer as clear as they once were due to linguistic change, so it is the case with the 1689 Confession. For this reason, this new rendition of the confession by Dr. Reeves is indeed welcome. He has sought to render it readable by the typical twenty-first-century Christian reader, but with minimal change and without sacrificing any of the riches of the original text. I believe he has succeeded admirably in both of these aims.

From the Foreword
Michael A.G. Haykin
Professor of Church History
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY

You can see a sample comparison of Chapter 11: “Of Justification” in the original 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and the modern language version Confessing the Faith.


“It is a good cause to make more accessible to our generation the great truths embodied in the 1689 Baptist Confession, and Stan has done good work in bringing them into the English of the 21st Century.”

Sam Waldron
Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church
Owensboro, KY


“It is my hope and prayer that this edition of the Confession will help many individuals, churches, and church planters. May many read and profit from this and may its contents become the things most surely believed among many more!”

Richard Barcellos
Church Planting Pastor
Palmdale, CA


About the Editor

Stan Reeves serves as an elder at Grace Heritage Church in Auburn, AL, and is a professor at Auburn University.  He also serves as the webmaster for Founders Ministries.



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