The Baptist Catechism Set to Music


The Baptist Catechism Set to Music
This 2 CD set is a musical setting of the Baptist (Keach’s) Catechism.

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A musical setting of the Baptist (Keach’s) Catechism

The Baptist Catechism Set to Music
Jim Scott Orrick
2 CD Set:
Disk 1: Questions 1-61
Disk 2: Questions 62-114
Total Recording Time: 1 hour and 48 minutes

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Just last night while my 16 year old was wrestling with the ambiguities of John Locke, he began singing something under his breath. Guess what? He was going through Jim Orrick’s musical presentation of a catechism answer to see if Locke got it right! My kids owe Jim Orrick a huge debt for the doctrine they have learned through his music.

Jim Elliff
President, Christian Communicators Worldwide
Kansas City, Missouri

We have used Jim’s catechism CD with our elementary age daughter with great success. By simply listening to Jim’s songs, she learns the answers much more quickly and easily than before.

Dr. Don Whitney
Professor of Spiritual Formation
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Kansas City, Missouri

Throughout history God’s people have often used music as means to memorize and meditate upon truth. Jim Orrick has provided a most helpful resource by setting the Baptist Catechism to song. In this 2 CD collection are content rich lyrics set to singable melodies that will benefit both children and adults.

Dr. Ken Puls
Pastor of Music Ministries
Grace Baptist Church
Cape Coral, Florida

About the Composer

Jim Scott Orrick is Professor of Literature and Culture at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky.


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