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The Baptist Fathers
Print of Oil Painting by Robert Nettles

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This oil painting by Robert Nettles was done as a final senior project in a painting class at Mississippi College. The project, containing six portraits, was designed and executed by Robert. The faces, beginning at 12:00 and moving clockwise are J. P. Boyce, John Bunyan, John A. Broadus, William Carey, B. H. Carroll, and Charles Spurgeon.

The Logo contains the sword and trowel emblematic of the ministry of Spurgeon, the carpenter’s tools in the top third of the shield representing the incarnation of the Lord, the cobbler’s tools reminiscent of the plodding practicality of the great Baptist missionary William Carey, and the tinker’s anvil calling to mind the great soul of experiential Calvinism John Bunyan.

Five hundred prints have been made on 80 lb pH balanced dulcet paper. The size is 18″ X 24″, and each print is signed and numbered. The price is $15 per print plus 1.50 for shipping and handling per print.



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