Dear Timothy (Revised Edition)

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As Paul imparted his wisdom to Timothy through letters, this collection of writings from seasoned pastors contains over 480 years of combined ministry experience. Old and new pastors alike will treasure this compilation of heartfelt advice and nuggets of truth that will guide them through the challenges and joys of their calling in Christ. Contributors include Joel Beeke, Ligon Duncan, Fred Malone, Mark Dever, Tedd Tripp, Ray Ortlund, Jr., C. J. Mahaney, Roger Ellsworth, and others.

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Dear Timothy
Letters on Pastoral Ministry

2016 Revised Edition

Edited by Thomas K. Ascol

This collection of writings from seasoned pastors contains over 700 years of combined ministry experience for old and new pastors alike.

©2004, 2016 by Founders Press

ISBN: 978–1–943539–01–7

368 pages (hard cover)

Release Date: November 18, 2016

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1.  Establish Priorities (Tom Ascol)

2.  Watch Your Life (Conrad Mbewe)

3.  Love Your Family (Tedd Tripp)

4.  Love Your Flock (Ted Christman)

5.  Memorize Scripture (Andy Davis)

6.  Pray Always (Martin Holdt)

7.  Cultivate Humility (C. J. Mahaney)

8.  Be Courageous (Bill Ascol)

9.  Do the Work of an Evangelist (Mark Dever)

10.  Do Personal Work (Fred Malone)

11.  Watch Your Doctrine (Raymond Perron)

12.  Keep Studying (Ligon Duncan)

13.  Learn from the Puritans I (Joel Beeke)

14.  Learn from the Puritans II (Joel Beeke)

15.  Preach the Word (Roger Ellsworth)

16.  Worship in Spirit and Truth (Terry Johnson)

17.  Train Other Men (Steve Martin)

18.  Care for the Nations (Phil Newton)

19.  Don’t Neglect Revival (Ray Ortlund, Jr.)

20.  Find a Place to Settle (Geoff Thomas)

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“I wish all my students had this book.”

Dr. Don Whitney
Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

“This is precisely the sort of book we need in the church today”

Burk Parsons
Co-pastor, St. Andrews Chapel in Sanford

“Get this book . . . it is a gold mine of wisdom.”

Joel Beeke
President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


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