God in His Beautiful Greatness

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Here, then, is a systematic-theological treatment of the doctrine of this beautiful God. Baruch’s systematic treatment of God in His glorious greatness and goodness is delightful. This treatment is far more than a theological treatise, although it is that. Baruch wants his readers to meditate upon the law—the Torah or the “instruction” and “revelation”—of the LORD (Psalm 1:1). In other words, we must deeply reflect upon who God is and what He has done—both of which He has graciously revealed to us in His Word.

From the foreword by Dr. Joel Beeke

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God in His Beautiful Greatness

By Baruch Maoz

©2024 Baruch Maoz
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978-1-943539-67-3

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Baruch’s book entices you into a love affair with his God and Savior. He lures the unsuspecting to study theology as a lover muses on the face of his darling.  For him the Scriptures are a collage of glimpses of God in His beautiful greatness. Careful. It’s contagious — and also colorful.  The first Adam wasn’t just Mr. Adam, from 1 Garden of Eden, Tree of Life, Earth; but he was head of the human race, their representative, much like a President or Prime Minister who signs a declaration of war for all, so Adam signed one against God. And only the second Adam could break the damning war spell by brokering a peace treaty with all His blood bought friends.  The love of Christ captivates you.

Mark Chanski
Coordinator of The Reformed Baptist Network,
Hermeneutics Professor at Reformed Baptist Seminary,
Author of Encouragement Adrenaline, Manly Dominion, Womanly Dominion

This short book by Baruch Maoz is not only a joy to read but it is a very timely and important book for the mental health of the West, in particular.  Rationalism claimed that people can gather enough particulars to create their own universals, rejecting knowledge outside themselves, God, and revelation.  But individuals who bought this view found they aren’t big enough to collect enough “lived experiences” to build universals for life and recognized that the universals offered by society were arbitrary and, they felt, constraining them from happiness, their “inalienable right.”  Without universals, the distinction between reality and fantasy is lost and people escaped into their own heads and into protests against arbitrary societal absolutes imposed by establishment elites.  Enter God in His Beautiful Greatness, clearly a book from a pastor’s heart, reaching out to these people and to us all.  The author has gathered, organized, and wonderfully presented the particulars that unify in the ultimate universal, God Himself.  Like building a mosaic, one beautiful particular at a time, the book succeeds in presenting a picture of God’s uniqueness, completeness, and more.  The author encourages us to revel in this big picture and to appreciate the wonder, the mystery, and the gifts of learning our life has real meaning, we have personal significance, a purpose bigger than ourselves, and personal decisions matter, as he guides us from the tiny space of our own head into the expansive loving presence of the God who made us for Himself.

Daniel Brooks
Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University

Baruch takes the reader in this compact book from God’s existence, His essence, His characteristics (attributes), the three persons of the Godhead (Trinity), and then to some significant but wrong views of God.

One of the strengths of the book is found at the end of each chapter with what the author calls, “Further Reflection”. If the student or group will thoughtfully, prayerfully answer and meditate on these questions a deep knowledge both intellectually and experientially will be gained about our beautiful God.

I liked the emphasis on the experiential knowledge of God. I found as this profound doctrine was explained, my heart was lifted to worship and adoration. During the reading of chapter three on God’s essence I jotted down this phrase,”a rich sweet reminder and insight” about God’s eternality.

This book can be used both for personal and group study. I highly commend this small volume and I’m thankful, although originally written for a Hebrew speaking audience, that it is available in English.

Gordon Taylor,
Former Pastor and Missions Coordinator

Our God’s greatness is not merely supreme; it is compellingly beautiful. Far too many theological treatises fall woefully short of this reality, saying true things but failing to capture the worshipful majesty of our Lord. Baruch Maoz’s God in His Beautiful Greatness is a welcome corrective to this far too common malady. In a logically systematic progression, Maoz leads the reader from the knowledge of God and his basic existence, through his essence and characteristics, to his triune glory and the stirring implications for the gospel. As Maoz writes, “Theology is not irrelevant, theoretical hair-splitting; it is an opportunity for worship, a confirmation of our faith, and a tremendous help in everyday life.” This book has helped me to love the Lord all the more, for which I am truly grateful. May it similarly bless many more readers, and may our beautiful God receive all the glory.

Nicolas Alford
Pastor, King’s Cross Church (Kirkland, WA)
Guest Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Reformed Baptist Seminary


About the Author

Baruch was born (December 1943) in the United States, immigrated to Israel in 1953, and was converted to Christ during his mandatory military duty in 1963. He studied Bible and theology in Glasgow, Scotland, and later in the Israel College of the Bible. He is married to Bracha. He served as field director for Christian Witness to Israel (1974–2006) and as founding pastor of Grace and Truth Christian Congregation (1975–2008), a mixed congregation of veteran and immigrant Israelis, Jews, and Arabs, where he exercised an expository pulpit ministry.

Baruch’s literature ministry began in 1968. He has translated and written scores of Christian books in Hebrew, largely theological and exegetical, while initiating and editing the Modern Hebrew Translation of the Old Testament and translating the New Testament for that project. His published works, all but one being translations from Hebrew, include five in English, one in Dutch, and one in Polish. He and his wife reside in Everett, WA, close to their three married daughters, their daughter’s spouses, and their nine grandchildren.


Foreword by Dr. Joel Beeke


Introduction: How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: Why We Need to Know About God

Chapter 2: The Existence of God and the Sources of Knowledge About Him

Chapter 3: God’s Essence

Chapter 4: God’s Characteristics

Chapter 5: God the Father and God the Son

Chapter 6: The Humanity of Jesus

Chapter 7: God the Spirit

Chapter 8: Some Significant but Wrong Views

Concluding Thoughts

About the Author


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