My Journey in Grace

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The Lord began to use the writings of such men as C. H. Spurgeon and A. W. Pink to fill me with truth. The Scriptures began to open as never before. I was thrilled beyond words. God became more real to me than ever and the gospel of His sovereign grace virtually jumped off the pages with clarity and power.”

“The more I studied Baptist history and the theology of our founders, the more I saw that I believed what they believed. I am forever indebted to these men who have given us some of the finest theological works in all of Christian history.


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My Journey in Grace
By Terrell Suggs
©2008 by Founders Press
ISBN: 978-0-9785711-0-8
164 pages, including bibliography (soft cover)

About the Author

Terrell D. Suggs has served as pastor of churches in Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma. He is currently Director of Missions of the Bryan Baptist Association in Bryan County, Oklahoma.


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