Pentecost — Today?


Pentecost – Today?
The Biblical Basis for Understanding Revival
Fresh thinking from Scripture on the theology of revival.

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The Biblical Basis for Understanding Revial
Fresh thinking from Scripture on the theology of revival.

By Iain H. Murray
©1998 by Founders Press
ISBN 978-0-9654955-5-4
226 pages (hard cover)

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Some today find no justification for a theology of revival in the Bible and see the whole revival emphasis as a distraction from the duty of seizing present opportunities: for them the subject has been worn out by its advocates and discredited by unfulfilled hopes. Yet others remain convinced that revival is the only answer and that a renewed fulfillment of 2 Chronicles 7:14 ought to be our great expectation. Against the background of these different views – and accepting neither of them – lain Murray argues for fresh thinking from Scripture.

Pentecost showed that the gospel is able to win sudden acceptance despite the strongest opposition. But if – as some believe Pentecost is a permanent reality, how is it that Christianity can often differ so much from the apostolic pattern? And how are we to explain those epochs in history when men, filled afresh with the Spirit of God, saw advances which were indeed comparable with those of the early church? Did the secret he in renewed obedience, in prayer, or simply in the sovereign intervention of God? And if the action of God is the sole explanation where does Scripture’s strong emphasis on human responsibility come in?

Answers to these questions involve profound mystery. But Scripture is clear on what is given more abundantly to those who pray for the Holy Spirit – stronger faith in the truth and hearts enlarged in love are always the foremost evidences of his power. Pentecost-Today? is a different approach to questions crucial to the present state of the church.

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About the Author

Iain H. Murray is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and a founding trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust. He has written a number of highly acclaimed books, including The Forgotten Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, and Revival and Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism 1750-1858. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the Banner of Truth Trust has its main office.


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