Remember Jesus Christ

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The command of Paul to Timothy to “remember Jesus Christ,” therefore, reaches deep into the biblical text as a prompt to take to heart the covenantal faithfulness of God. “Remember” means to be in active reflection on the saving mercy contained in the eternal covenant and the consequent redemptive action of God in Jesus Christ.

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Remember Jesus Christ: Believing the Absolute Truth About the Absolute Person in a Relativistic Age

by Thomas J. Nettles
©2023 Tom Nettles
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978-0-965495-59-8

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Chapter 1
Remember the Name of Jesus Christ

Chapter 2
Remember the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Chapter 3
Remember the Jesus Christ of the New Testament

Chapter 4
Remember Jesus Christ in Our Suffering

Chapter 5
Remember the True Jesus Christ

Chapter 6
Remember Jesus Christ as Taught by Clement

Chapter 7
Remember Jesus Christ as Confessed in the Apostles’ Creed

Chapter 8
Remember Jesus Christ in His Deity

Chapter 9
Remember Jesus Christ as the Word Became Flesh

Chapter 10
Remember Jesus Christ, the Great “I Am”

Chapter 11
Remember Jesus Christ as Confessed in the Nicene Creed

Chapter 12
Remember Jesus Christ as Son of God and Son of Man

Chapter 13
Remember Jesus Christ as One Person with Two Natures

Chapter 14
Remember Jesus Christ as “A Ransom for Many”

Chapter 15
Remember Jesus Christ Even When the World Says to Forget Him

Chapter 16
Remember Jesus Christ in the Midst of Liberal Criticism

Chapter 17
Remember the Cross of Jesus Christ

Chapter 18
A Concluding Reflection

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