Scarlet and White

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Reading through it for this first time, I discovered within Marley’s book a kindred spirit, a brother in Christ, an able theologian, and gracious pastor who aimed at nothing less than drawing Christians into sweeter joy and comfort in contemplation of what God had accomplished in the storyline of the Bible. From Old Testament to New Testament, and through to the present day, Chris illuminates the ways in which the gospel story is the story of God redeeming sinners to create a Bride for Himself. It regularly brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart as Chris led me along the scarlet tapestry woven throughout Scripture, continually pointing me to Christ’s plan to secure His Bride through His own blood.

Jacob Tanner
Pastor, Christ Keystone Church; Author, Union with Christ: The Joy
of the Christian’s Assurance in the Doctrines of Grace,
Editor, Wrath and Grace Publishing


Listen to a podcast interview on The Sword & The Trowel with the author here.

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Scarlet and White: A Practical Examination of Biblical Theology Focusing on Christ and His Church Through the Metaphor of the Ideal Husband and His Princess Bride

by Chris J. Marley
©2022 Chris J. Marley
Published by Founders Press
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978-1-943539-37-6

Page Count: 284

Foreword by Jacob Tanner

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 1 × 8.5 in


I. Recovering the Bride
II. Beginning in the Beginning
III. Cycles of History.
IV. Be Ye Not Ruthless
V. Bridal Songs
VI. Marrying into Shame
VII. Emperor Seeks SWF
VIII. Husband in the Flesh
IX. Paul and the Bride I
X. Paul and The Bride II: The Quickening
XI. Paul Outside Ephesians
XII. Revelation of the Bride

Scripture Index


“Pastor Chris Marley has written a very edifying work. Combining pastoral wisdom, insight into biblical texts, and a robust Reformed theology, Marley takes readers through Scripture using the lens of Christ as Husband and His people as Bride. Along the way, he constantly holds up the glory of Christ, our redeemer, and also calls us winsomely to live lives worthy of those wedded to Christ, whether we’re husbands, wives, children, or unmarried. Readers will be challenged and blessed.”


Author, Editor and Scholarly Writer 


“Pastor Chris Marley’s book, Scarlet and White, delves into the mystery of Christ’s relationship with His church. The author is deeply steeped in a strong theological background, and because of his unwavering fidelity to Scripture, he has a clear understanding of both the subject at hand as well as other related biblical texts. This topic has been avoided by most theologians who fear merely romanticizing it. However, one might see the prime importance of this relationship by its pervasiveness both in the Old and New Testaments, often times under the cover of metaphors, similes, and allegories. Therefore, a firm understanding of this relationship proves invaluable for one’s Christian walk, as well as one’s marriage. Once you have started reading this book, you won’t want to put it down.”


Author, Missionary, Professor at Faculté de théologie in Montreal & Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies


“I want this book! Chris is a really good writer who grips your attention, fascinates your mind, warms your heart, and challenges your soul. I hadn’t realized that my Bible was so teeming with breathtaking romance. There are mountains of pastoral material here for wedding ceremonies, marriage counseling, romance enriching, church polity, membership motivation, ministerial inspiration, etc. Best of all, it will make you fall in love with the Savior. I see myself getting it,underlining all over it, and constantly referring to it.”


Author, Pastor of Harbor Church in Holland, Professor at Reformed Baptist Seminary


“Want to better understand and savor Christ and His relationship with His church? Chris Marley here gives us a fresh and enjoyable look at this topic in his unique writing style. He combines exegetical faithfulness, salvation history, and biblical metaphors to give us an exquisite depiction of  ‘the Bridegroom and His Bride.’ As one who has known Chris for many years, I can assure prospective readers that his life radiates Christian joy and the truth of the gospel, which echoes a strong ‘amen!’ to his message.”


Author, Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship of Mesa, AZ


“I’m a big name . . . I’d be willing to endorse you!”



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