Soldiers of Christ (Free)

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Ingratitude is one of the great sins of our time and one the Scripture singles out as a serious step down a slippery slope (Romans 1:18-19). When the creature does not give thanks and honor the Creator, reality is turned upside down and personal and cultural destruction are not far behind (Romans 1:18-32). Coupled with sinful ingratitude is a failure to give honor to whom honor is due. We honor God first and foremost and then the gifts He gives to men, especially to His Church.

This book seeks to honor God and His gift to the Church, Fred Malone—Christian, husband, father, pastor, citizen, theologian, and man of God. May the essays within encourage you to exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Soldiers of Christ
Selections from the Writings of Basil Manly, Sr. and Basil Manley, Jr.

By Michael A. G. Haykin
Roger D. Duke
A. James Fuller

Foreword by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

©2009 by Founders Press

ISBN: 978-0-9785711-7-7

218 pages (soft cover)

About the Authors

Michael A. G. Haykin is Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. His recent research has been focused on the English Baptist theologian Andrew Fuller.

Roger D. Duke is Assistant Professor of Religion and Communication at Baptist College of Health Services in Memphis, Tennessee.

A. James Fuller is Associate History Professor at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana. He is currently researching the life of Francis Wayland, the American Baptist educator.

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Foreword (R. Albert Mohler)

Introduction (Tom Ascol)

Part I: Historical

1. Baptists and the Bible: The History of a History Book (Nathan A. Finn)

2. Remembering Baptist Heroes: The Example of John Gill (Michael A.G. Haykin)

3. Crawford H. Toy: Southern Baptists and the Lesson of Controversy (Gregory A. Wills)

4. Evangelicalism from the Beginning: English Baptists of the Seventeenth Century (C. Jeffery Robinson, Sr.)

5. A Distracted Piety: African-American Baptists (Kevin L. Smith)

Part II: Theological

6. The Authority of Scripture: The Bible and Baptists (David S. Dockery)

7. Without One Plea: Human Depravity and the Christian Gospel (Russell D. Moore)

8. God’s Sovereign Election  (Erroll Hulse)

9. Limited Atonement: A Short Defense (Geoff Thomas)

10. Understanding Effectual Calling (Tom Hicks)

11. Perseverance: The True Nature of Saving Faith (Phil Newton)

12. Justification: The Use of Genesis 15:6 in Romans 4:3 (Sam Waldron)

Part III: Practical

13. The Preacher on Preaching: Wisdom from a Wise Wordsmith (Daniel Akin)

14. An Idol Called Evangelism—And It’s Remedy (Roy A. Hargrave)

15. Missions and the Doctrines of Grace (David Sills)

16. “An Ingenuous Unfolding of Our Principles” Confessionalism Among 17th Century Particular Baptists (James M. Renihan)

17. On Catechizing  (Jim Scott Orrick)

18. Recovering Regenerate Church Membership (Tom Ascol)

19. Believer’s Baptism: Its Nature, Practice and Importance (Fred Malone)

20. Baptists, Worldview and Focal Practices  (Ben Mitchell)

The Writings of Thomas J. Nettles: A Bibliography  (Nathan A. Finn and Matthew Emerson)


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