The Perils and Promises of Christian Nationalism

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Christian nationalism is a phrase that has been used and misused by many to further their considerations or concerns about what Christianity ought to be and what the nation ought to be. There is a big difference between what Christian nationalism is and how the phrase is used. This little book’s outline reflects my experience over the last couple of years as I have tried to assess the topic. I hope that approaching it this way will be helpful to others who may be just beginning to think through it. What both of there actions above indicate is that we need to be careful about definitions. If we are going to make any headway in trying to understand Christian nationalism and think rightly about it from a Christian perspective, we must take care to know what we are talking about. Just as importantly, we must know what we are not talking about. Beyond that, we need to be alert to many of the associations that have attached themselves to this phrase.

Tom Ascol | Pastor, Grace Baptist Church – Cape Coral, FL; President, Founders Ministries and The Institute of Public Theology


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The Perils and Promises of Christian Nationalism

by Tom Ascol
©2023 Founders Press

Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978-1-943539-46-8
Page Count: 42

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