The Ten Commandments

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This exposition of the Ten Commandments is lifted from the interpretation of Exodus in Carroll’s seventeen-volume Interpretation. True to Carroll’s purpose and exhibiting his wide and deep knowledge of the Bible and pertinent literature, this portion shows the truth of an early observation that “this work is an interpretation rather than a commentary in the popular acceptance of the latter term.”

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The Ten Commandments

By B.H. Carroll

The Ten Commandments is in the public domain. All original additions, including front matter, are copyright © 2023 by Tom J. Nettles and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law.

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About the Author

B.H. Carroll (December 1843 – November 1914) was a Southern Baptist pastor, denominational leader, educator and author. He was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Waco and later the founder of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Carroll published 33 volumes of works and is best known for his 17-volume commentary, An Interpretation of the English Bible.


B. H. Carroll: The Paradigm of Orthodoxy


Editor’s Foreword

Directions for the Study of this Book

I. The First and Second Commandments

II. The Third Commandment

III. The Fourth Commandment

IV. The Fifth Commandment

V. The Sixth Commandment

VI. The Seventh Commandment

VII. The Eighth Commandment

VIII. The Ninth Commandment

IX. The Tenth Commandment

Questions For Study and Review

Scripture Index


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