Traditional Theology & the SBC


“Traditional Theology & the SBC
And Interaction with, and response to,
The Traditionalist Statement of God’s Plan of Salvation

Revised Edition

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“Traditional Theology & the SBC
And Interaction with, and response to,
The Traditionalist Statement of God’s Plan of Salvation

Revised Edition

By Tom Ascol

©2018 Founders Press


122 pages  (hard cover)

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Preface to the Revised Edition

1. Interacting with the Preamble
2. The Preamble (Part 1)
3. The Preamble (Part 2)
4. Interacting with Article One: The Gospel
5. Interacting with Article Two: The Sinfulness of Man
6. Interacting with Article Three: The Atonement of Christ
7. Interacting with Article Four: The Grace of God
8. Interacting with Article Five: The Regeneration of the Sinner
9. Interacting with Article Six: The Election to Salvation
10. Interacting with Article Seven: The Sovereignty of God
11. Interacting with Article Eight: The Free Will of Man
12. Interacting with Article Nine: The Security of the Believer
13. Interacting with Article Ten: The Great Commission


Afterword by Dr. Tom Nettles

Appendix One: “A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation” by Eric Hankins

Appendix Two: “Polemic Theology: How to Deal with Those Who Differ From Us” by Roger Nicole



I suppose the word “traditional” can mean different things to different people. Is it traditional because something has been followed for the past 75-100 years and thus establishing it as right? Dr. Tom Ascol looks at the claims of the “Traditional Baptists” who want to claim a fairly recent doctrinal view as foundational and traditional. Tom approaches the subject historically, and biblically, but at all times pastorally! I commend this book if you want to see where Southern Baptists find their roots theologically. A theology that birthed one of the greatest missions and evangelism movements in modern history.

Bill Haynes
Senior Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Somerset, KY 42503


“Dr. Ascol presented some of this work in our fall lectures a few years ago. The contrasts of the Traditionalist Statement to Baptist Faith & Message and his rebuttals were informative, even handed, and extremely well-received. This is an extraordinarily valuable read for any Baptist.”


Dr. Charley Holmes, President
Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary (BMATS)


Tom Ascol is the Executive Director of Founders Ministries and has served as pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida since 1986. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University (BS) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv and PhD). He has contributed to and edited several books and is the author of From the Protestant Reformation to the Southern Baptist Convention: What Hath Geneva to do with Nashville.

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