Worship: The Regulative Principle and the Biblical Principle of Accommodation

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This book masterfully defines, explains, and defends the Reformed principle of worship — the regulative principle. Moreover, the principle is not left in the realm of theory. The application of the principle in the context of modern evangelical life is developed, especially how to implement the regulative principle in congregations who do not yet fully understand or embrace this biblical principle. This is a must-read for those seeking to bring reformation to the worship of the local church.

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The Regulative Principle and
The Biblical Principle of Accommodation

By Ernest Reisinger & D. Matthew Allen
©2001 by Founders Press
ISBN 978-0-9705248-6-7
175 pages (soft cover)

About the Authors

D. Matthew Allen is a lawyer in Tampa, FL.

Ernest C. Reisinger was a pastor, a trustee for the Banner of Truth and a founding board member of Founders Ministries.


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D. Matthew Allen, Ernie Reisinger


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