Your Child’s Profession of Faith

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Your Child’s Profession of Faith
By Dennis Gundersen


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Your Child’s Profession of Faith

By Dennis Gundersen
New Updated Edition
©2011 by Grace and Truth Books
ISBN 978-1930133-10-5
128 pages (soft cover)

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A new, updated edition, with new chapters and helps for parents and pastors. Gundersen’s unique treatment of a rarely-addressed subject can make the difference between parents who participate in their children’s deception and presumption, or parents who truly guide him to eternal life. If a small child tells us he thinks he’s saved, do we take his words at face value? How do we test his profession, especially without seeming to doubt the child and discourage him? Many have found this book the most useful guide ever written on the topic.


“A Christian parent would sooner die than make a mistake with the soul of his or her child. And yet so often it’s hard to distinguish the stirrings of the Spirit in the soul of a child from their natural curiosity about the things of God that they hear about at church and home. In other words, just because a child starts asking questions about God and the Bible doesn’t necessarily indicate he is close to salvation, but may merely reflect the normal thoughtfulness of a growing child about what he’s learning at church and home. Still, we always want to encourage and nurture any such godward interest as much as possible. Dennis Gundersen’s book can help parents point a child to Christ, and guide them in walking along a biblical path that avoids manipulation and false assurance on the one hand, and presumption and neglect on the other.”

Donald S. Whitney, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality
Senior Associate Dean of the School of Theology
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky


“One of God’s greatest gifts to a child is to be raised by Christian parents in a great church family. As such a child grows up, however, it can be a great challenge to know when he or she is actually converted. Although, like everyone else, he or she was born a sinner, they can often spout out all of the right answers to gospel questions at a very young age. Do they understand the words they are mouthing? What constitutes real fruits of salvation in their lives? Are they ready to be baptized? Dennis Gundersen has written this wonderful book to provide vital practical help to parents and pastors in answering these important questions. The original edition has been one of my favorite resources on this question over the years; I welcome the extra help in this new expanded edition.”

John Crotts, Pastor
Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, GA


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