Forbid Them Not

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Pastor Ted Christman takes up the question of baptizing children and young people in Baptist churches. Clearly, he strongly opposes the premature baptism practiced in many Baptist churches. He also argues for close examination of a young person’s confession of faith and life by discerning parents and elders. Moreover, he offers sound questions and principles for so doing. However, appealing to “the baptism of disciples alone” from the Great Commission, he also pleads for charity toward children and young people in accepting their good confession toward baptism – the same charity we must give to adults. And he practices charity in his argument toward those who may differ with him.

Pastor Fred A. Malone, Ph.D.

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Forbid Them Not: Rethinking the Baptism and Church Membership of Children and Young People

by Ted Christman
©2024 Jonathan Christman
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978-1-943539-66-6

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Foreword to the 2024 Edition

Foreword to the 2004 Edition


1. Biblical Warrant
2. Unique Challenges
3. Intrinsic Dangers Compared


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About the Author

Pastor Ted Christman (1946-2019), born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, dedicated his life to ministry and theological education. He earned his MDiv degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and faithfully shepherded Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, for over four decades. His contagious joy, practical theology, and commitment to the gospel left an enduring legacy.

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