FSGC Galatians: He Did It All

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This is the newest addition to our Founders Study Guide Commentaries.


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Galatians | Founders Study Guide Commentary

Author | Baruch Maoz
©2021 Founders Press
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 978–1–943539–20–8

304 pages (soft cover)

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Introduction to the Book of Galatians

Paul’s Letter to the Church in Galatia: A Translation

1. Opening Words (Galatians 1:1–5)

2. No Other Gospel (Galatians 1:6–10)

3. The Confirmation of Paul’s Gospel (Galatians 1:11–24)

4. Paul’s Gospel Further Confirmed (Galatians 2:1–10)

5. Peter and Paul in Conflict, Part 1 (Galatians 2:11–14)

6. Peter and Paul in Conflict, Part 2 (Galatians 2:14–18)

7. Peter and Paul in Conflict, Part 3 (Galatians 2:19–21)

8. An Example from Abraham (Galatians 3:1–14)

9. Testaments Cannot Be Changed (Galatians 3:15–18)

10. What Was the Law For? (Galatians 3:19–29)

11. No Longer Slaves (Galatians 4:1–11)

12. Love the Truth (Galatians 4:12–20)

13. We Are Free (Galatians 4:21–31)

14. Liberty and How to Use It (Galatians 5:1–15)

15. The Spirit and the Flesh (Galatians 5:16–21)

16. The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22–26)

17. Practice Love (Galatians 6:1–10)

18. Closing Words (Galatians 6:11–18)

Appendix: From A Treatise of Law and the Gospel


Baruch Maoz’s meditations on Galatians remind us clearly, powerfully, and

movingly that we are justified by faith in Christ alone and sanctified by the

Spirit of Christ alone. Here is a ringing confirmation that underscores Paul’s

emphasis on the finality and sufficiency of Christ’s comprehensive work of

salvation for needy sinners such as we all are. Therefore, in a world dominated

by pride, sin, and self-righteousness, there is nothing more practical and necessary

than the gospel. By God’s grace, reading this book will inform your mind,

appease your conscience, and edify your soul.

Dr. Joel R. Beeke

President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary | Grand Rapids, Michigan


Who would not read a new book by Baruch Maoz? He has a gift for lucid and

fascinating writing, and the letter to the Galatians cries out for such capabilities.

This epistle contains the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ encapsulating

his mighty and eternal accomplishments and making plain what is to be our

response. What a combination of the vastly experienced pastoral scholarship

of Baruch, for so long on the front line of missionary expansion in the Middle

East, and this crucial early statement of apostolic Christianity. Read and enjoy

this fascinating introduction to true Christianity.

Geoff Thomas

Retired Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church | Aberystwyth, Wales

About the Author

Baruch Maoz, born in the United States, immigrated to Israel as a child with his

mother. He became a Christian while serving in the Israeli army. He is a retired

pastor, editor, and translator of the Old Testament into modern Hebrew, and

author with books published in Hebrew, English and Dutch. He and his wife,

Bracha, live in Gedera, Israel.

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