Privilege, Promise, Power, and Peril

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What made Jonathan Edwards’s preaching so powerful? Why is much of today’s preaching so lifeless, even dangerous? Where did things go wrong? How has the church traveled so far away from the doctrinal convictions of Edwards? Church historian and theologian Tom Nettles answers these questions by explaining the historical departure from doctrinal preaching and the various pitfalls that come from leaving sound doctrine behind. If we want to recapture the power of preaching, we must recapture the power of sound doctrine.

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The Privilege, Promise Power, and Peril
of Doctrinal Preaching

By Tom Nettles
Published by Free Grace Press

ISBN 978-1-59925-1-6
237 pages (soft cover)



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Tom Nettles brings a rare combination to bear on the subject of doctrinal preaching. As one who has given his academic life to the discipline of historical theology, he has studied the best—and often the worst—examples of doctrinal influences on the church over the last two thousand years, and especially since the Protestant Reformation. The insight of such study informs his deep conviction about the power of biblical preaching, and the results have been organized in this book. Tom writes as a practitioner of what he commends. I highly recommend it.

Tom Ascol
Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL

This book fills a lamentable and long-time void in the field of homiletics. In fact, I know of no other text that weaves exegesis, application, theology, and history into a comprehensive model of doctrinal preaching. For years I have lamented the lack of a good text for doctrinal preaching, but this one was worth the wait. It will stand as the model for faithful doctrinal preaching for years to come.

Hershel York
Professor of Preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

About the Author

About the Author

Tom Nettles has written biographies of Charles Spurgeon and James P. Boyce. Among his other books are By His Grace and For His Glory, Whomever His Wills (with Matthew Barrett), and Teaching Truth, Training Hearts (with Steve Weaver). He is retired but serves as a Senior Professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.


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