Whomever He Wills

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This book deals with the timeless issues of the ineffable glory of the grace of God and the dependence of sinners on unalloyed mercy. It also addresses a highly contemporary conflict in Southern Baptist life over the character of this very mercy.

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Whomever He Wills
A Surprising Display
Of Sovereign Mercy 

Edited by Matthew Barrett
And Tom Nettles

©2012 Founders Press
ISBN: 978-0-9849498-0-9
402 pages (soft cover) Indexed

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Foreword  (Timothy George)
Preface  (Fred Zaspel)
Introduction  (Matthew Barrett and Tom Nettles)

Part I 

1. Our Sovereign Savior: Sermon on Revelation 5:1–14 (Steven J. Lawson)
2. Total Depravity: A Biblical and Theological Examination (Mark DeVine)
3. Unconditional Election: A Biblical and God-Glorifying Doctrine (Andrew M. Davis)
4. Jesus Saves, No Asterisk Needed: Why Preaching the Gospel as Good News Requires Definite Atonement (David Schrock)
5. The Scriptural Affirmation of Monergism (Matthew M. Barrett)
6. Promises of Preservation and Exhortations to Perseverance (Thomas R. Schreiner)
7. The Compatibility of Determinism and Human Freedom (Bruce A. Ware)
8. God’s Sovereignty Over Evil (Stephen J. Wellum)
9. Calvinism Foundational for Evangelism and Missions: A Biblical and Historical Survey (Thomas K. Ascol)

Part II

10. John Calvin’s Understanding of the Death of Christ (Thomas J. Nettles)
11. Sovereign Grace and Evangelism in the Preaching of John Bunyan (Ben Rogers)
12.“These Radical Doctrines” The SBC and Evangelical Calvinism (Jeff Robinson)
13. The Glorious Impact of Calvinism upon Local Baptist Churches  (Tom Hicks)


“The essays here do represent a serious engagement by a team of thoughtful Baptist pastors and theologians to come to grips with a major tension inherent in the Christian gospel itself. As such, it deserves to be read, discussed, and responded to.”

Timothy George
Dean, Beeson Divinity School
Author of Theology of the Reformers

“The issues in this book are essential to a consistent Theism. They are essential to any confession of divine rescue. They are an essential part of the very fabric of the biblical revelation of divine salvation. They are essential to a right understanding of the gospel. They are essential to a worship that would rightly acknowledge God as the Savior of sinners. And they are basic to a realized joy in God’s salvation.”

Fred Zaspel
Author of The Theology of B. B. Warfield
Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Franconia, PA

“The doctrines of grace, which form the subject matter of this book, have often proven to be the stuff of controversy in the church’s history. What I deeply appreciate about these studies of these precious truths, though, is the irenicism that informs them. And this is as it should be. To paraphrase the apostle: here we find the speaking of the truth about divine grace in love.”

Michael A.G. Haykin
Professor of Church History,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


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