Baptism of Disciples Alone

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As a former Presbyterian minister, I baptized two of my infants. I was sincere. It was meaningful. I believed that infant baptism (paedobaptism) was biblical. However, I was sincerely and biblically wrong.

Now, I am convinced that the baptism authorized by the Bible is the baptism of disciples. In fact, I believe the Bible authorizes the baptism of disciples alone. This position may also be called credobaptism, from the Latin verb credo, meaning believe or trust. Other designations are believer’s baptism, confessor’s baptism, or professor’s baptism, all synonyms describing the baptism of disciples alone. Hoping to be gracious toward my paedobaptist friends and mentors, the purpose of this book is to prove that the Bible authorizes only disciple’s baptism. This book is also written, however, to help parents, pastors and laymen better understand the Baptist position for credobaptism versus paedobaptism so they can decide which local church to join and serve in.

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A Covenantal Argument for
Credobaptism Versus Paedobaptism

Revised and Expanded Edition

This book sets out to prove that the Bible authorizes only credobaptism, the baptism of disciples alone.

The Baptism of Disciples Alone

By Dr. Fred A. Malone

©2008 by Founders Press

ISBN: 978-0-9785711-3-9

319 pages (hard cover)

Includes 2 new appendices

About the Author

Fred Malone is the pastor of First Baptist Church, Clinton, Louisiana. He received the MDiv degree from Reformed Theological Seminary (1974) and the PhD degree in New Testament from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1989). He is the author of A String of Pearls Unstrung and co-wrote with Ernest C. Reisinger the introduction to the republished version of Abstract of Systematic Theology by James P. Boyce. Dr. Malone is a Board Member of Founders Ministries, the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, and serves on the Administrative Council of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America.

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“Fred Malone has written one of the most important books on baptism to appear in at least the last two hundred years–and every thoughtful Christian will find The Baptism of Disciples Alone to be an essential guide to thinking through the debate between what Dr. Malone rightly identifies as the “paedobaptists” and the “credobaptists.” The Lord Jesus Christ set baptism at the center of Christian worship and as the defining mark of Christian identity. Dr. Malone is a scholar and pastor who argues with biblical passion and instructs by personal testimony. He presents his case with the skill of an attorney, the conviction of a theologian, and the care of a faithful pastor–and he is right! We are all in his debt.”

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

“Fred Malone presents the best case I have seen for believers’ baptism from a covenantal perspective. This outstanding book deserves to be widely read and studied by everyone involved in the baptism discussion.”

Dr. Timothy George
Dean of Beeson Divinity School
Birmingham, Alabama
Executive editor, Christianity Today

“Every Baptist will welcome Dr. Malone’s volume as being a new champion of the cause of truth. It should have immense usefulness for pastors and churches as a tool for teaching covenant theology and as an aid in controversy about the subjects of baptism.”

Walter J. Chantry
Editor, The Banner of Truth magazine


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